Truffles logo.png

Opening February 2019

A casual yet elegant botanical bistro 

with a proud touch of Africa in 

everything we do.

Fusing traditional & modern 

techniques our talented 

Botanical Alchemists 

present a modern, varied seasonal menu inspired by the finest freshest market  produce & foraged botanical flavours from around our beautiful bountiful country

Truffles logo.png

Thoughtfulness that can be tasted…

Truffles on the Park is a lucid, light & dynamic kitchen. Our promise to you is to create meals that involve all senses –

an experience that restores, delights,

challenges & enriches.

Where cocktails & service are given the

same attention; a place where botanical mixologists are trained as culinary chefs; where the produce and herbs are carefully sourced & always fresh; where drinks are made proudly & consistently in a state-of-the-art botanical beverage kitchen; where innovation & tradition are both honoured.